Upgrade Loaded Commerce to PHP 7.0 and Higher Versions

As you know the support for PHP 5.6 and older versions are going to end support within next few months. So it’s going to be a perceptive assessment to upgrade your Cre Loaded/ Loaded Commerce websites or online e-Commerce stores to PHP version 7.0 onwards as a secure and reliable environmental support.

If you really serious about your online store that hosted in Cre Loaded/ Loaded Commerce environment, it’s the best choice for you to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0 or its higher versions as quick as possible. It will enhance stability and security for your eCommerce store and its visitors.

Revamping complete hosted environment by transferring complete data of products and services is too costly, time-consuming and irritating process for any online store owner. So, it is very beneficial to upgrade only to PHP Versions.

Some of these following tips will assist you to take ultimate decision on upgrading your online store to PHP 7.0 environment as follows:

1. It will speed up online store performance as PHP 7.0 is twice faster than PHP 5.6
2. It will reduce memory usage comprehensively
3. Abstract Syntax Tree
4. Consistent 64-bit support
5. Improved Exception hierarchy
6. Many fatal errors converted to Exceptions
7. Secure random number generator
8. Removed old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions
9. The null coalescing operator (??)
10. Return and Scalar Type Declarations
11. Anonymous Classes
12. Zero cost asserts
13. Upgrading from PHP 5.6 to 7.0 is reasonably uncomplicated process
14. It will save time, hence money in a significant way.

From the above points it’s obvious that upgrading to PHP 7.0 or higher versions will incredibly encouraging for your Cre Loaded/ Loaded Commerce website/online stores.

The only support you need from the E-commerce Web Developers and designers is to make compatible, mobile-friendly to all web pages, images and other entities. We also fix all the arising issues may it be related to hosting servers or any other web development procedure.

We at WebTenet.Com will be pleased to support you dedicatedly in the process of update with our experienced PHP Web Developers, Designers and Testers. We ensure you, the updated website/online store will run smoothly with fast loading time that bloom smiles on the face of the visitors.

Speaking of upgrades, we will soon write more about tips of moving projects, so stay connected and visit our blog regularly…

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