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Web Applications are web programs or real programs designed to be used on the website using a browser. Example of web applications would be e-commerce websites, internet banking, online stock-exchange, web-based games and so on. Web applications are becoming more popular due to wide availability of Internet access worldwide.A Web application is a collection of logically connected Web pages managed as a single entity. A Website, on the other hand, may contain one or more Web applications making the website a large browser-based software as a whole. The interconnected web pages perform a set of functions defined by your business process, thus creating a software application for your business automation that can run on any browser.Web applications are stored on a server and delivered to users over the Internet. A Web application is usually a three-tier structure, comprising a User Service tier (allowing user access to the application), a Business Service tier (allowing the user to carry out complex activities) and a Data Service tier (which allows data storage and retrieval). Web applications dynamically generate a series of interconnected web pages in a standard format supported by common browsers. Client-side scripting in a standard language like JavaScript is commonly included to add dynamic elements to the user interface.A significant advantage of building Web applications to support standard browser features is that they should perform as specified regardless of the operating system or OS version installed on a given client. Rather than creating separate software applications for MS Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems, the application can be written once and deployed almost anywhere.web-application-development

Another great advantage of web applications is that you can use it inside your LAN, such as for process automation, accounting, intranet portal, workflow applications, intranet portals, or any such application which needs to be available to the users sitting within your company premises (LAN). You can also make a portion of it available externally (extranet) which can be accessed over the internet. The entire web application is maintained on your server and any updates/enhancements just need to be applied at the server level instead of each individual computer as in case of standard desktop based applications.

Our Web Application Development Services

Building dynamic database driven web applications, intranet or extranet portals, e-commerce solutions, and custom database applications is what we have been doing over several years. Our team of experienced programmers has several years of experience in building web based applications in variety of platforms and technology for wide range of websites.

Business automation, e-commerce, shopping carts, process workflow applications, database driven intranet and extranet portals, fast changing news portals, B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) applications, additions and/or enhancement to existing 3rd party commercial or open source web applications and many more.

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