OsCommerce Websites Development

OsCommerce is the short form of “Open Source Commerce”, a popular E-commerce Websites Development platform with complete features of online store management that help the online retailers to take care the different parts of their online businesses.

As the name suggests, it uses open-source development languages namely, PHP and MySQL and runs in any web servers. It is also available as free software under the GNU General Public License.
Benefits of OsCommerce Website Development:

  • It is very easier to customize with the amazing features of OsCommerce. E-commerce store owners with simple knowledge of internet can handle the customization process in a stress free manner. Due to this fact OsCommerce has become popular among online retailers.
  • As its open source eCommerce development platform, OsCommerce development cost is very less in comparing to other development programs. Within the very less cost and quick time it provides the product addition and process development options to turn your ideas to reality by developing a handy online store for you.
  • For customizing in a better way you may hire a PHP developer with eCommerce development experience with a minimum cost comparing to other paid source development platforms. So it’s very helpful for startup E-commerce retailing companies in cutting the huge initial development expenses.
  • To start OsCommerce website development you will need PHP 4.1 enabled web server running on Microsoft Windows, BSD, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X operating system. In it you will find support for large varieties of credit card payment processors and shipping services.
  • In OsCommerce, there is no need to worry for the online business owners about the number of products they intend to add to their site. They can add thousands of products in different categories without any extra cost on product addition.

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