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Long Term Website Maintenance…

Developing a website requires time, thought, resources and above all costs you money, but developing the website is not the end of the story. Once your website is developed and published online (made live on the internet), the next thing you need to do is maintaining it, keeping the content fresh for your visitors and updating it with new or additional information. Keeping your site fresh encourages visitors to return and spend time on your website. In turn, this helps achieve your business goals. Poor maintenance is a sure way of losing visitors, possibly for ever!!!

Maintaining your Website

Maintenance generally means making sure that your website files, scripts, program code, databases are always up and running. However, maintenance also includes making updates, adding new features, enhancements, bug fixing, changes to code or database to make the pages load faster and so on. In a way just as you would like to maintain your garden to keep it lively and attractive, websites need to be maintained continuously to keep them interesting and useful for people who browse them.
Since a website can have large number of files, scripts, code, database tables, lot of data in them, graphics components and various files linked with one another, changes or additions that you make to one section of your website may have effects on other parts of the website. Therefore, it is the job of the maintenance team to identify the affected sections and modify the code accordingly, so that the whole site functions properly.

The main aspects of website maintenance are:

The website will need to be updated, to ensure that all information is correct and useful to users.
Its technical aspects will need to be checked, to ensure that all aspects of the site continue to function as they were designed and developed to do, for example online forms, links to other website services.

It will need to be evaluated, to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of users. This sometimes leads to the addition of new elements, sections, features/functions or content to an existing website or web application.
Regular backup of all your scripts, files, databases and other important information so that your website can be restored quickly in the event of a failure or crash of your web server.

Regular monitoring of your website, processes, database servers, and other associated services or programs.
Determining security holes and protecting your website from cross-server scripting, SQL injection or other forms of threats which can cause harm to your data & files or may render your web application unusable.

Website Maintenance Strategy

Your website maintenance strategy will depend on how often you’ll need to update your site over a period of time. Maintenance for a small website may take as little as 2-3 hours a month. On a large site, maintenance may be a full-time job. You should consider keeping a budget for ongoing maintenance of your website, so it doesn’t take you by surprise. If you’re planning a large, ambitious site, or want to gradually build it in phases, keep on adding more content and functionality, working with an experienced web programming team from the beginning will save you a lot of time and money later on. Starting with a well-designed site is the most effective way to prevent resource-intensive updates and maintenance at a later stage.
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Our Website Maintenance Services

WebTenet Solutions provides both long-term website maintenance and short-term website maintenance services. Our experienced web developers and programmers have good experience in maintaining wide range of websites, starting from basic websites to large web based applications. With any website maintenance job, our goal is to provide the quickest possible turn-around time depending on your business-critical needs. We undertake long-term maintenance contracts on a task basis, hourly basis or monthly basis. The costs will vary depending on size of your website, number of updates required per month and other factors.

In general, our website maintenance services include the following:

  • Updates to content and graphics throughout a website
  • Content and/or data updates on multiple sections of a website
  • Bug fixing, troubleshooting, code inspection & improvement
  • Database inspection, database optimization and database indexing
  • Database repair, Table repair, data-import/export, data translation
  • Changes to code, program logic or related to make web pages work efficiently
  • Regular updates to content, news, graphics, photo gallery etc.
  • Adding articles, new pages/sections, linking & fixing broken links
  • Updates to meta tags, meta keywords and meta description for SEO purposes
  • Identify and fix security issues, SQL Injection, spambot protection
  • Hosting server maintenance, daily backup, software installation & updates

Please contact WebTenet for more information about our website maintenance services.