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WebTenet FedEx API module Installation

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To use FedEx APIs, you should first learn the various aspects of FedEx® services. Here we are giving you a brief reference that enables you to gather FedEx shipping business knowledge and understand various shipping options, rules and guidelines. These resources will help you with answers to all your questions related to the shipping domain and equip you to use FedEx APIs for your shipments.

Ship API Details

The Ship API allows you to integrate FedEx shipping capabilities into your application. Using Ship API, you can process and submit shipping requests for packages to FedEx for both domestic and international shipments, as well as the return shipments.

Each shipment request will contain detailed information for shipment and packages.

FedEx Shipping categorized as

  • Domestic Shipping
  • International Shipping

How Ship API Works

The following are the features available with this API:

Create Shipment

Use this endpoint for creating FedEx shipment with all the necessary shipping information.

The required input information associated with this request is as follows:

  • Account Number – The FedEx shipping account number.
  • Pickup Type – Indicates if shipment is being dropped off at a FedEx location or is being picked up by FedEx. Indicates if it is a regularly scheduled pickup or a new one being scheduled for this shipment. Required for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Ground® Economy (Formerly known as FedEx SmartPost®).
  • Service Type – The type of service that is used to ship the package.
  • Packaging Type – Packaging used for the package.
  • Shipper Information.
  • Recipient Information.
  • Shipping Payment Type (SENDER/RECIPIENT/THIRD_PARTY/ACCOUNT. etc.)
  • Payer Information – This element is optional when the payment type provided is a SENDER.
  • Individual Package Weights.
  • Label Specification – Details about the image type, printer format, and label stock for label. You can also specify customer specific details such as doc-tab content, regulatory labels, and mask data on the label.

The successful response to this request will provide the tracking number and label information which will be helpful in shipment tracking.

Validate Shipment

This endpoint allows you to validate the accuracy of a shipment details prior to submitting the final shipment request. This feature also allow businesses that receive shipping orders from end-user customers to validate some of the shipment information prior to submitting a create shipment request to FedEx and printing a label. If for any reason the information needs to be edited or changed, it can be done while the end-user is still available to confirm the changes. This endpoint helps you identify and correct the errors in the shipment before actually being submitted.

Following are the Important Points regarding this endpoint:

  • This is shipment level validation hence supports validation for single piece shipment only.
  • Shipment validation is supported for all Express and Ground – Domestic as well as international shipments with all applicable special services.
  • Shipment validation is supported for FedEx Ground® Economy and not for Freight LTL shipment.

Cancel Shipment

Use this request to cancel already created FedEx shipment/package that has already been tendered to FedEx.

The required input information associated with this request are as follows:

  • Tracking number.
  • Account Number – The FedEx shipping account number.

The output of this request will return an indicator and a message to conclude whether the shipment is cancelled.

Error condition and Tips:

If you are unable to delete the package or shipment, you will receive an error condition. This error condition indicates that:

  • For FedEx Express shipments, the package has already been tendered to FedEx.
  • You have entered an invalid account number.
  • The account number, while valid, is not associated with the tracking number.
  • You entered an invalid tracking number. This applies to FedEx Ground shipments only. FedEx Express accepts any number with the correct number of digits.

International Shipping

FedEx offers international shipping from anywhere to anywhere, which means you can create shipping transactions both to and from any country where FedEx provides its services. FedEx enables you to implement FedEx services as an integrated shipping solution for your international business.

Shipping and Customs Documents

Accurate documentation is an important part of domestic as well as international shipping in order to avoid package caging or delays an ensure smooth package delivery. Following are different types of shipping and customs documents.

Certificate of Origin (COO)

A COO is an international document that verifies the country/territory where a product was manufactured. Some countries restrict imports from certain countries, many countries limit the quantity of imported goods, and some countries give preference to goods manufactured in a certain country.

Commercial Invoice (CI)

This is a document provided by the seller/exporter that describes the parties involved in the shipping transaction and the goods being transported. It is the primary document used by Customs. It should be prepared using the official language of the country/territory to which the goods are being exported, if possible. The Commercial Invoice should include a detailed breakdown of all items included in the shipment, including: a proper description of the goods (what is it? what is it made from? what is its intended use?) the quantity, the country/territory of manufacture, the price or cost, currency used, the Harmonized System number for each commodity and the terms of delivery. Some countries require that an original invoice be executed on the shipper’s letterhead. The invoice should always be signed and dated by the exporter certifying that the details provided are true and correct representations of the contents covered by the Commercial Invoice.

Export Declaration

The Electronic Export Information (EEI) formerly known as Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) is required by the US Department of Census in order to obtain statistical data and by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to assist in enforcing export controls. The SED/EEI is required when the total value of goods classified under any single Schedule B number exceeds $2,500 (USD) or the commodity(s) require an export license. This information can be completed electronically by the exporter or their agent. The information is mandatory required to be submitted electronically through the Automated Export System (AES) for commodities listed on the Commerce Control List (CCL) or the U.S. Munitions List (USML).

General Agency Agreement

An Agency Agreement or Power of Attorney (POA) is the legal authority that is provided by importers to a customs broker to allow them to release and/or account for shipments with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on behalf of the importer’s company. If a Canadian Resident Importer would like Federal Express to act as their customs broker in Canada on an ongoing basis, these forms must be completed and returned as per the instruction sheet before shipping into Canada. This form is a Limited Agency Agreement and would apply to Federal Express shipments only.

FedEx International Shipping Assist (FISA)

FISA is a free service targeting small and medium businesses and individuals who are new to or inexperienced with shipping internationally.

Global Trade Agreements and Trade Legislation

Businesses of all sizes benefit from global trade. U.S. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) facilitate global trade, open foreign markets to U.S. exporters, and ensure partner countries follow common rules and standards. FTAs create a stable and transparent trading environment, making it easier for U.S. companies to export their products and services worldwide.

Domestic Shipping

This allows customers to ship domestically. Not all services are available in all the areas. Domestic shipping within many European Countries and Mexico requires specific account number for each country.

FedEx Domestic Services

The following information gives an overview of the services that are available for Domestic shipping. Not all services are available in all areas.

Delivery Signature Options Details

  • Once a shipment has been given to FedEx, you may not change the signature option.
  • Direct Signature Required service is not available for Hold at Location.
  • Adult Signature Required service is available for Hold at Location.
  • All packages in a multiple-piece shipment must have the same FedEx Delivery Signature Option.
  • All pieces with a declared value of $500USD or $500CAD or greater require a signature. Direct Signature Required service is the default service and is provided at no additional cost. If you are shipping a multiple-piece shipment and one or more packages has a declared value of $500USD/CAD or greater, process the package with the lowest value first to avoid multiple delivery charges.

FedEx Ground U.S. Shipping

FedEx Ground® U.S. is the appropriate service for economical delivery to U.S. business addresses while selecting a ground delivery service. FedEx Home Delivery® is suitable for delivery to U.S. residences. Both services are available throughout 50 states in U.S. and offer day-definite delivery based on the distance to destination.

FedEx Home Delivery

When shipping packages to residential addresses within the U.S., use the FedEx Home Delivery service. FedEx Ground designates FedEx Home Delivery service as the carrier for residential deliveries under 150 lbs.

Residential customers can receive package delivery by end of day Monday to Friday and Saturday to most and many on Sunday.

The FedEx Ground, FedEx International Ground and FedEx Home Delivery shipments display the transit quote with a precise estimated delivery date/time.

FedEx Ground U.S. Service Options

The following some of the key shipping options available:

  • Future Day Shipping
  • Hazardous Materials FedEx Ground U.S.
  • Hold at FedEx Location
  • FedEx Home Delivery Service Details
  • Alternate Return Address
  • Delivery Signature Options
  • Shipment Notification in the Ship Request
  • Variable Handling Charges

FedEx International Ground Shipping

FedEx International Ground is a direct-ship method for you to send single or multi-weight small package shipments directly from the U.S. to Canada, Canada to the U.S. There are no minimum package requirements.

Return Shipping

Returns are available for domestic and international shipping in a variety of areas wherever existing FedEx Express services are available. You can associate or \”link\” an outbound shipment with a return shipment using the tracking numbers. When processing your global return package with FedEx automation, you will need to provide a reason for that return for customs clearance purposes, on both the outbound and return shipments, when processing your package. Identify your package as a return and include the return type.

FedEx Ground U.S. Shipping

The following rules apply to FedEx Ground U.S. shipping:

  • Shipments can originate from and be delivered to the 50 United States. Delivery between 1 to 7 business days within the contiguous U.S. and between 3 to 7 business days to and from Alaska and Hawaii.
  • FedEx Home Delivery service provides delivery by end of day available to every U.S. residential address Monday to Friday and to most residences on Saturday and many on Sunday.
  • FedEx Ground does not deliver to P.O. boxes. No hazardous materials, except ORM-D and Limited Quantity.
  • FedEx Ground® service is available to every business address in all 50 states (inbound-only service for certain remote locations in Alaska and Hawaii).
  • FedEx Home Delivery® service is available to every U.S. residential address. Packages up to 150 can be shipped using this service.
  • FedEx Ground accepts packages up to 150 lbs. The package dimensions must not exceed 108” in length or 165” in length plus girth (L + 2W + 2H).
  • HazMat shipments are allowed with restrictions. No hazardous materials can be shipped to or from Alaska and Hawaii.
  • If the package must be delivered to a business, use FedEx Ground as the service type. If the package must be delivered to a residence, use FedEx Home Delivery as service type.
  • When shipping FedEx Ground U.S. packages, you must enter a valid shipping address for a commercial or business location within the fifty U.S. states.
  • When shipping packages to residential addresses within the U.S., use the FedEx Home Delivery service. FedEx Ground designates FedEx Home Delivery service as the carrier for residential deliveries under 150 lbs.
  • Shipper address and Recipient address for FedEx Ground shipments must contain a U.S. city and state.
  • Do not enter a USPS post office box number as an address for delivery.

For more detailed information about FedEx Shipping API Module Guide.

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