Websites Design Services…

If you care about your online presence and utilizing your websites as marketing or e-commerce tool, your website needs to be professionally designed, optimized and be engaging to reach your target audience and stand out among your competitors.

Our web designers team brings distinct talents with expertise on diverse website design requirements to fulfill your needs and choices. We always target to create clean, light-weight and attractive web designs that communicates your message to the visitors of your website.

We strive to create designs that look good, work well, easy to use, maintain and update. Apart from static HTML website designs, we also undertake flash enriched website design, flash intros, dynamic Flash programming and Flash action script projects.

Each of our web design projects are processed through the following seven stages:

  • Planning and Initial Design
  • Client Review and Refinement
  • Develop final Design and Design Sign off
  • Develop Web Graphics, HTML and Testing
  • Final Review and pre-launch changes if any
  • Launch website (Go-Live)
  • Ongoing Maintenance and/or Updates

In the Planning and Initial Design phase, we analyze your requirements and target audience, what they’d be looking for and how the website can facilitate it. In addition, we also evaluate technology and programming aspects if the design is for a dynamic website or web-based application. At this stage, we develop a navigation scheme or a site map encompassing the functional requirements of your website or web-application. Then we create initial design mock ups with various layout, color scheme and alternate arrangements.

During Client Review and Refinement phase, you review the design options and mock ups; send us your feedback, what you like and what you want us to change etc. Based on your inputs we modify the design and send to you for further review. This process is repeated till a suitable design, layout and color scheme (collectively known as look & feel) is finalized. In most cases, a final design is arrived at 2-3 round trips, some may require more.

Once a final look & feel is arrived at the Develop Final Design and Design Sign off phase, we create the final artwork, design files, Photoshop files, flash files and all other graphic design stuff and send you the snapshots for sign off. Any copyrighted photographs or other graphic stuff are to be purchased by you and supplied to our designing team.

Next come the Develop Web Graphics and HTML phase. In this phase, we plan out how to convert the design into HTML, do the slicing of graphic files, create optimized images and other graphic components, write the HTML, CSS style sheets, associated JavaScript or DHTML if any and complete converting the design into the final form of the web site. Our testers test each page of the website thoroughly for any bugs and report them to the developers through our bug tracking system. All development is done on our own development servers and accessible to you 24×7 via a friendly URL. You can review the progress of work up to the last minute. Once the development part is complete, we let you review it thoroughly to suggest any minor changes as a final touch up.

The final stage is to Launch the Website when we make your site live on your hosting server. You should be ready with a domain name and a hosting space to launch the site. We can help you register a domain name, and choose a suitable hosting service. You provide us the access info and we upload the files to your server, configure them as needed make it live. Our testers again test each page thoroughly from the live server to ensure everything works fine on the hosting server. You must choose a good web hosting provider for your website hosting needs – this is very important.

The last phase, i.e. Maintenance, is optional. We do take every care that a website does not require regular maintenance to keep it up & running. Maintenance is needed only when you want to update some content, change photographs, add a couple of new pages & new information, or such other to make it more interesting. We do undertake long term maintenance for your website. You just have to drop us an email with any update, change request, or addition etc. We give special attention to any maintenance/update work on a live website.